Our Practice


Audiology Services of West Virginia is an all-inclusive hearing healthcare clinic specializing in medically-oriented diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus. Our philosophy is that hearing healthcare can affect an individual’s overall quality-of-life and should be monitored as part of an annual health physical. When a hearing problem is identified, our Doctors of Audiology will evaluate many aspects of our patient’s lifestyle and needs to help him or her select from a variety of hearing instruments and assistive listening devices.

Hearing aids are a common form of treatment for most types of hearing loss. However, hearing instruments are not always the answer. Our Doctors of Audiology have experience working with other management options such as cochlear implants, bone-anchored devices, and sound therapy options for tinnitus. Knowing appropriate communication strategies is a key to success when using any hearing instrument or device. Our audiologists have a background in aural rehabilitation and auditory-verbal therapy techniques, which ensures that our patients are equipped with all the tools necessary to take advantage of the best hearing experience possible.

We feel that is very important to select a healthcare provider with whom you feel comfortable and provides the best care. Audiology Services of West Virginia has two Doctors of Audiology who are equally qualified to give their patients the most comprehensive hearing healthcare. Our Doctors of Audiology have experience in all specialty areas of audiology and completed their training at the Cleveland Clinic. We are committed to providing the most compassionate and complete hearing healthcare in the Mid-Ohio Valley!