“I purchased hearing aids through Audiology Services of WV and worked with Carlee Cox Squires, AuD.

My experience has been very positive. The staff has been pleasant, courteous, and informative. They were patient in working with me [and] allowing me two trial runs with hearing aids before my final purchase.

Hearing aids take some time for adjustment, but with time they become beneficial. I highly recommend Audiology Services because of the professionalism they exhibit and the ability to work with patients with hearing loss.”

“Hearing loss is extremely frustrating. Anyone suffering a loss of hearing needs a good audiologist who can make a big difference in your ability to hear well. Carlee and Michael have made a commitment to practice audiology in this area. They are young, well educated, and they know the newest technologies. They are innovative with such things as [allowing patients to try out hearing aids before they purchase] (which sold me), seminars, and additional devices to enhance your hearing. Plus, they both have good office manners. Both have pleasing personalities and Michael was even the WVU official Mountaineer [Mascot]! So, I can, and have recommended them, with confidence, to others frustrated with hearing loss.”

“Over the past few years my hearing has been getting progressively worse, especially in the high frequency ranges. In 2011, I tried out hearing aids of the same brand, Widex, [with a different provider] but I returned them after 30 days. In 2015, I read [a] news article about Drs. Carlee and Michael Squires taking over [the practice] and I knew I had to do something to improve my communication with others and my overall quality of life. On my first visit with Dr. Carlee, I was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism [as well as] the advancements in technology over my previous experience. Upon consultation with her and her recommendations of the model that would make the most difference with my severe loss of high-frequency sounds, I chose the Widex [Unique] Fusion 440’s. I am extremely pleased with the product and the services and the fact that I got an extremely better product for less money than I had in 2011! I chose the TV-Dex as my complimentary accessory and also purchased the Com-Dex. These accessories have made a profound improvement in my TV enjoyment, talking on the cell phone, and listening to music. One area that has not improved significantly is singing, both solo and in my church choir. After experimenting with a music setting and various adjustments I am not completely satisfied and removing my hearing aids in these settings may be the best option [for me]. However, on the bright side, I was overwhelmed the first time I played my guitar with the [new hearing] aids. I was treated to the most complete, rich sound I have heard in years.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with both the products and the services I have received from Audiology Services of West Virginia. That was money well spent!”

“Two of the best young people I’ve met in a long time! Real doctors, not hearing aid salespeople. They really care. [I am] glad they are here to help us hear! I highly recommend them!”

“[They are] very good and informative. [I] loved that you could try [hearing aids] for a week!”

“Both Dr. Carlee and Dr. Michael Squires were professional yet very pleasant to me as their patient. They answered questions in an every-day, lay-person’s language. I am very pleased with both Drs. and would recommend them, their hearing aids, and the manner I was tested to anyone who would need to see an audiologist. Thank you both for your competent way of dealing with a “happy patient!”

“Because of my severe hearing loss I was able to receive my hearing aids through WV Rehabilitation Services at no charge. I saw Drs. Squires’ ad on TV and because they were young I felt [they were] more up to date with new technology. From my very first visit I was treated so warmly by Dr. Carlee and her staff. I was emotional to the severeness of my hearing loss and how it affected my ability to work. [Dr. Carlee] was kind and patient, even though I didn’t [personally] pay for my aids. I was never treated any differently and Dr. Carlee communicated wonderfully with my WV Rehabilitation Services representative through the whole process.”

“Dr. Carlee and her staff are courteous and very helpful. Dr. Carlee explained all of my options and thoroughly demonstrated the use and maintenance of my new hearing aids. They REALLY make a difference!”